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Soulcalibur review

Posted by Undead_terror on April 17, 2014 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Soulcalibur has been a known fighting game series, it may not be as popular as Street fighter or Mortal kombat, but it's known and has a nice few games in the series, let's talk about the android port of the game that started it all! (not the arcade game Soul edge)



To begin with, this port does not have all content that was in the original, game intro opening/mission mode didn't make it in the game along with the opportunity of online and local gameplay sadly, but what made it into this port got the HD treatment. The game has five game modes arcade (normal story mode), time attack (story mode without story, just to get fastest time), survival (kill as many enemies as possible), extra survival (survival but one hit kills), practice (training mode) along with museum mode to view character ending and so on.



You start off the game with ten characters and ten stages, in order to unlock more characters and stages you must beat arcade mode with different characters on default settings, you can unlock nine extra characters and a few extra stages. A thing to know about is that each character has the same moveset as one other character (with some different moves) while two locked characters in the game can randomly have anyone's moveset in the game, also mostly everyone has a second costume while some have a third to select.



The goal of the game is simple, kill the other player, you can attack them with a normal hit, a strong hit, kick or even do a grab attack on them, if you got enough time before the enemy can attack you can charge your power for a moment to do even more damage or can pull off a special move that you need to know how to perform. In the game you could pull off some combo's but they are only small, you can make a enemy go in the air by some kind of uppercut or if they jump and you can juggle them around by hitting them, thankfully you can guard yourself so you don't get hurt badly but watch out, in the game you can attack at normal height or you can hit people below so you would have to know where to guard.



There is no finishers in the game, no blood either, however each stage is a platform in which you can knock the enemy off whenever, but watch out because you can fall off by yourself by accident and then you loose the round, each stage is unique and has different pits of instant death like a bottomless pit, lava, water, etc so if you want to end a match quickly you must think of a way to get the opponent to fall off.



The game has nice graphics (updated from the original), it's not too real but rather nice to look at, the audio and music in the game is good mostly, the characters speak in Japanese while the narration is in English, the options is pretty basic with the option to edit controller buttons, there is no huge story in the game but each character has their own ending story, the game does has online achievements and leaderboards if you sign in to your google + account.



Now let's talk about the downsides of the game, the game does tend to lag (maybe just on bigger devices) but most noticeable on the final boss, while I did say the audio is good mostly it sometimes stops like the menu music but not in game, and as I already mentioned the lack of multiplayer.



My final thoughts:



The game is a enjoyable fighting game on Android, it kills time and can be addictive, it has nice bit of content while some is missing or didn't make it into the game, there are some flaws, at a price of $15 I would not recommend it, but if it goes on sale for $6 or less then I definitely recommend it.



Rating: 7/10


Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT2UkSM1hEA


Purchase here: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.namcobandaigames.soulcaliburgp

*Personal copy used for review*


Pure Chess (free version) review

Posted by Undead_terror on March 29, 2014 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Pure Chess, it is a big chess game that all sorts of people with different devices got interested in, let's see why!



There isn't a whole lot to talk about a chess, the graphics in the game is beautiful, chess pieces and the background look almost real, you will adore the art in the game, the music in the game is really nice and fits very well into the game, we got classical, jazz, chill, and nature, these four genres have different tracks that play on it's own, you can select which genres are allowed to be play and that's about it, the menus are basic and easy to navigate through and plenty of options to customize a chess match.



So with this being a free version of the game, content is very little, so when you are wanting to play a game of chess, you only have one game slot to have a match and save it while another five must be purchased, you can customize your match and compete against a AI or another player, you can select only select two difficulties monkey and thinker while the other eight must be purchased. When you get your rules straighten out the only chess piece set you can use is the checker pieces while the other eight sets must be purchased, you can select different types of pieces like wood, metal, plastic, etc, after you are done with selecting your pieces you have three environments to select which are "Museum", "Penthouse", "Library".



The gameplay runs smooth most of the time but every now and then it feels like the game is lagging, you have your options set but there is one rule you can't change and that's a fifty movement only rule in which the game stops leaving no winners, if you need a tutorial on how to play the game you can go to the "Learn how to play" but are limited to twenty four small lessons and tips while the rest has to be paid, for extra modes there is tournament and bonus games "Mate to 1-5" but are limited to the easiest setting in tournament and two missions in the mate to game.



Now to talk about what caught everyone's eye that made the game look interesting, cross platform online multiplayer, with my Android device I could play against someone with a Wii U, PS3, 3DS, Vita, etc, the sad thing is that people seem to not be able to play online at all myself included!, you get to make a account and then you are not able to join matchs, I tried to keep make a game on the only empty slot that's free that you didn't have to pay for but it says this game slot is already used, so you are not able to play with anyone, you could challenge people by name, auto challenge or go to recent opponents, the only other online related thing would be game achievements that you get by signing into google +.



So at the end of the day this version of the game is a demo, the game requires a lot of both necessary and non-necessary in game purchases to be bought to enjoy the game to it's fullest, the game requires a nice chunk of memory, the online don't work well, it's only recommended to chess fans or to help people learn chess, but other then that there is not much to say.



Rating: 5/10


Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4hg6PxAWYo

Slender Man Blocks review

Posted by Undead_terror on March 15, 2014 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

"Scary in more ways then one..."

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Slender man blocks, a minecraft version of the popular Slender man 8 pages game, but does it live to be scary has the original? let's find out!



So we start right into the gameplay, the is no menu or options, it says "Powered by unity" and there you go..."find the 8 pages". So if you played the original game you will know that you have to explore the wilderness at night and trying to find eight pages to beat the game while trying to avoid the evil Slender man that wants to kill you and that's what this game does!



When it comes to control in this game there is little to none, all you need is one finger and hold it on the screen, when holding the screen your character moves forward, you can slide you finger around to look around and that is it, you collect pages by walking near them, you can't run, can't turn your flash light off, when trying to do a 360 turn you will still be moving forward. There is no music in the game besides sound effects from the original Slender man games, you only have one map to roam in the game that feels random and uninspired.



The effort put in the game is low, you are roaming around in a block land with poor art that don't seem scary at all ( I know it's minecraft but it's also a Slender man game), the sky gets distorted when you look at a angle or turns completely dark, the flash light messes up in some places, you got a poor looking Slender man with barely any detail, and trying to find blank pieces of paper in a poorly designed map, all there is in the game to freak you out is the sound effects when Slender man is near you, what is going on with the sky and why is the game so poorly made!



I beaten the game on my first try, the game is easy but hard when trying to keep your attention, all you have to do is walk around looking for the pages without looking back behind you, but there is one place where a page is that could get you trapped by Slender man but all you would have to do is look the other way and walk on, if you get caught by Slender man you will die, if you win you will get congratulated and then get killed by Slender man, then you can play the game again...same map, same difficulty.



So at the end of the day, the game lacks content, is boring, has no replay value, the game could of been improved a lot more and I don't recommend the game at all unless it was free but then again it will just take up memory.



Rating: 2/10


Game: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appheaven.slender.man.block.game


ePSXe Play Station 1 emulator review

Posted by Undead_terror on March 15, 2014 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about the ePSXe for android which is a port of the PC version, it plays Play Station 1 games, but does it do it well? let's find out!

Steps how to use the emulator:

1- Download a Play Station 1 Bio, you need it to use the emulator, a download link will be provided on the bottom in which you can download the bio, once you download the bio you must go to preferences in the emulator menu and select it in the "Bios file", after that go back and run the bio in the main menu (you will only have to do this once).

2- Download Roms, you can download any Play Station 1 games from sites like coolrom or emuparadise but beware that the roms take up a lot of memory depending on the game!

3- The roms are in compressed files so you must extract them, you can extract them by using the 7 zipper app in which there is a download link on the bottom, so you must extract each rom you download.

4- Once the roms are extracted you must go to "Run game" select "scan all" or where ever you have your roms placed (you can play from your device or your external SD card", once the games are found just select the game and select the ".cue" file and then you can play.

I know for fact that you don't have to do a lot of this using other emulators, usually it's just download the rom, scan for it and then play but for this you got to download bios, extract roms, select the .cue file, but let's see if it is worth it

Before you start playing you must make sure everything is to your liking, so get ready for a mess of options! you can select options for audio, the way the game looks, touch screen controls or you can use Bluetooth to use physical wireless controllers, but here is a list of recommended selected options for best gameplay experience/

"Bios Preferences"

Bios file-your bio file

"CPU Preferences"

CPU Frameskip -disabled

show FPS -enable if you want to see how fast the game is going, disable if you don't care how fast the game is going

MME Enable -auto detect

"Screen Preferences"

Adjust the way the want to see your game, but leave the screen color depth 16 so the game won't lag as much.

"Video Preferences"

Video Renderer -Hardware

Video filtering -disabled

PSX Dithering -disabled

GPU Plugin - search for the emulator plugin and that should be good

everything else is just extras, but if you want to use a physical controller just go into "Player 1" (or any other player thats playing) and press map buttons that allows to you choose what buttons do what you want, but the digital buttons work fine.


Now that the settings are over you are now ready to play games! so I tested out the emulator on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 inch and the experience was pretty sloppy, I don't know if it was my device or the roms but the games got lag and audio problem along with a small amount of graphical problems, some games suffer more problems then other and some games are actually ok but could do better, the settings I just recommended was just to make the games have less lag then it could of had, so you can have less lag or you can have a good looking game with lots of lag which is a sacrifice either way sadly. Don't turn back just yet, some games run at a decent rate which is enjoyable enough while some got lots of problems making the experience horrible, here is a list of games I tested on the emulator.

Games tested using this rom:

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (was alright when using the emulator, a little bit of lag with a small amount of audio problems)

Digimon Rumble Arena (only loaded for checking the memory card and then stopped)

Medievil (was alright when using the emulator, there was a little bit of lag with a small amount of audio problems)

Tail Concerto (a nice bit of lag with small amount of audio problems and some graphical problems but still enjoyable even a little bit)

Tekken 3 ( The menus were good but the main gameplay and audio was so laggy making the experience bad)

You can also play with other people, use cheat codes and use save states!

So at the end of the day, the ePSXe emulator has it's flaws and extra things needed to use it but is the best 3D game emulator I saw yet on the android but could of been fixed more, it's a small download, costs $3.70 and has future updates, I recommend it if you really want to play Play Station 1 games or want a bunch of free games to play (you can get roms free publicly online)



Rating: 6/10

Emulator: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.epsxe.ePSXe

Bio download: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ga.emulator.bios

7 zipper: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.joa.zipperplus7

This emulator was purchased, not given for review.